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When would you work out if this was your schedule?

I am a stay at home mom and my son is now in full day kindergarten.  So my schedule should be pretty flexible, right?  So I’m not trying to use being busy as an excuse, I really want opinions on when you would work out.

7am wake with my son. 

Sit with him for about 1/2 hour watching some tv and making coffee. 

7:30-8 start making us breakfast and get him ready for school. 

9am drop him off at school.

3:30 pick him up from school.

5:30 start dinner.

7:30 his bedtime.

9pm my bed time.

After I drop him off, I generally have about 4 hours of homework to do, possibly some grocery shopping or other errands, and some cleaning.

Homework is more important than working it.  No way around that, it just is what it is.  I know that what I should do is take wear workout clothes to drop him off and go to the gym right after. I need to develop a quick and thorough workout so that I can get in and get it done.  If I didn’t bother with showering and changing clothes at the Y I could be in and out in an hour.  Then get home and get on the homework.  If I was diligent about doing the homework every day Mon-Fri I could cut it to two hours a day probably.  That would give me a little time to run errands and clean.

Crap, all it comes down to is that I am lazy as hell and I want to have my time to dawdle and not be rushed and running around.  I guess I probably don’t need 9-10 hours of sleep either.  Hmmm, guess I really just needed to put this in writing to so how pathetic I am for not getting workouts in.

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Holy crap!  Weights are expensive.  Why did I think they wouldn’t be?  We actually have a bunch of dumb bells that an old tenant left but I wanted to get a bar bell.  Damn.

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Reboot of C25K started today.  My calves are screaming tight.  I suspect that is still from the Monster Dash 5K from Saturday that I did unprepared.  Ahhh, well.  They should loosen up.  Went out with my new Garmin 205.  Had I known about the Foot Pod for the 305 I would have gotten that one.  I was trying to be cheap as I have been spending like crazy.  I just recently bought a $200 Garmin GPS receiver for geocaching too.

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My Garmin 205 should be arriving today and thankfully my double ice pack for the knee should be arriving tomorrow! 

I just wish that garmin would work on the indoor track at the Y.  That would be amazing if something could effectively track me on there.

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11.3.11 Giving Thanks


Today I am thankful for having a coat to keep me warm from the cold temperatures and gusting winds. There are so many people that do not have a coat to keep them warm during the winter. The thought of humans struggling to keep warm breaks my heart. I do not take my jacket for granted and today I am extremely thankful. 

Because of this post I am washing my sons jacket today and taking it to Goodwill.

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I would really like to find some real workout/running clothes that are truley plus size. The more difficult part of this is the “real workout” part. Not just plus size clothes in a sporty cut.